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Multimedia, Security and Networking laboratory is committed to conducting high quality, internationally published and recognized research on multimedia, security and networking, as well as teaching these aspects at undergraduate and graduate studies programs organized by the Department of Applied Informatics in the University of Macedonia.


Current InfoSec group’s activities

1. Access Control
Role-based (RBAC) Attribute-based (ABAC) Usage Control (UCON)
2. Security Systems Engineering
Requirements Engineering Modeling, Validation and Verification
3. Cyber Security
Early Warning Systems
– Attack protection
– Risk prediction
Situational Awareness
– PerCom / UbiCom
– Smart Grid
Economics of Cyber Security
4. Cyber Crime
Child Protection from:
– Cyber Grooming Attacks
– Cyber Bullying Attacks
Malware Analysis Digital Forensics


International Collaborations

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Computer Security Division

Project: RBAC Reasoning in Access Control Policy Tool (ACPT)
Description: The project includes the:
1) Integration of RBAC Reasoning mechanism
2) Automated conversion of security requirements into security properties

University of Siegen, Institute of Information Systems, Germany

Project: CRYPTOOL – Greek Translation
Description: The project aims at the localization of: