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COFELET brief description

The COFELET project envisages the improvement of the cyber security education effectiveness by using game based learning and training as a vehicle for the utilization of modern learning theories and the promotion of innovative teaching approaches. The COFELET project deploys the equivalent framework, a cyber security education framework for the design and implementation of cyber security serious games. The COFELET project foresees the implementation a sustainable lifecycle of learning, updating and reinforcing knowledge and skills by adopting multidisciplinary approaches based on sound methodologies, models and strategies. It realizes cyber security as an attractive and accessible subject endorsing cyber world simulations, gamification techniques and attacking and hacking capture the flag activities.

The COFELET project also aims at a close partnership of academia and industry in order to put into effect a range of criteria and patterns and satisfy cyber security needs in a short-term and long term basis. Specifically, it considers the implementation of training approaches with feasible organizational and running costs delivered in formal and informal educational settings. Additionally, it supports on demand creation of training materials facilitating immediate realization of future threats and attacking techniques; re-evaluation of potential risks; and effective responses in case of cyber security incidents.